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EspINA is a user-friendly tool which performs segmentation and analysis of elements in a reconstructed 3D volume of the brain, and greatly facilitates and accelerates these processes. It allows visualization and segmentation of large image stacks datasets, both from electron micrsocopy (e.g. FIB/SEM) and confocal laser microscopy.

  • Explore

    Natural 3D navigation over the orthogonal planes

    Fluent navigation through the different sections of the stack using three planar views. Simultaneous different channel visualization can be performed in a customized stainings and intensity/contrast properties. Navigation bookmarks helps to easily find stack spots.

  • Segment

    Brain structures can be individually segmented to later analysis

    Identify as many elements as you want using our classification or expand it as needed. Reconstruct them using our manual or semi-automated tools.

  • Edit

    Asortment of tools to improve segmentations

    If the result of the segmentation is not completely satisfactory, we provide a set of tools to enhance their morphology automatically or manually.

  • Visualize

    Several 2D and 3D representations

    Geometrical features of segmented elements are relevant to their function. Different 3D visualizations provide detailed views for every segmented element.

  • Analyze

    Obtain multiple measures from segmented structures

    The final step of the working session is the extraction of measurements for each object segmented. A list of morphometric features and parameters can be selected to be easily exported to standard .csv or .xls spreadsheet format.

  • And more...

    Expand EspINA capabilities with plugins

    New tools, visualizations and reports can be added via our plugin system. You can even add your own.


Basic Workflow

Learn the basics to start

Grey Level Segmentation

Segment based on grey level similarity

Freehand Segmentation

Segment exactly what you want

Edition Tools

Enhance segmentations

Visual Representations

Flexible segmentation visualization

Reports and Analyze

Segmentation data and measurements

Getting Started


You can download the latest binaries for Windows or Linux machines.

Sample Datasets

Download our FIB/SEM stack sample from mouse brain to start testing out EspINA without delay.


Some researchers have successfully used EspINA software to get results. A selection of such scientific papers is shown below:

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If you have used EspINA to get your results and you have published them (congratulations!!) please, let us know and your publication will also appear here. Reviews of image processing software which include EspINA are also welcome.

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